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In an Integrated Ecosystem there are many factors which need be considered

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Environmental Consulting 

Ecological Reporting 

When applying for a new development a DA is required as well as other documentation. Ecological considerations are required to be addressed in all DA's. Some properties are mapped as being in more ecologically sensitive areas than others. Inclusion of Integrated Ecosystems in the approvals process of your future developments prevents any unwilling desecration and streamlines the whole process.

Environmental Consulting

Erosion and Sediment Control 

From design to implementation Integrated Ecosystems manage Erosion and Sediment Control.

Erosion and Sediment Controls.JPG
Soil Sampling.JPG

Environmental Consulting 

Soil Testing

Acid Sulphate Soils 

Soil Health 



Environmental Consulting 

Water Sampling 




Water Sampling.JPG
Concept Plan.png

Landscape Design

Concept Plans

Site Assessment 

Design Philosophy

Functional Plan 

Client Return Brief

Concept Plan

Landscape Design 

Planting Plans 

Following completion of a concept design, a planting plan is produced using species purposefully chosen for the climate and microclimate as well as the spaces within the landscape.

planting plan.png
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