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Elizabeth Beach, NSW -
Landscape Design

A Landscape Design Inspired by Lore 

Philosophy Art Design Worrimi.png


Lara - Yukul Art - Worimi Woman

"Worimi country from the mountains to the sea is home to many shades of ochre. This piece depicts the different colours found on our country. Ochre is used for painting but before we had money ochre was used for trading among tribes. Artist (Lara). As this project is based on Worimi Country this print was purchased from the Artist and used as the Design Philosophy.

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Site Analysis 

Inc. Desktop Assessment 

Realisation of the constraints and opportunity in the Landscape Design. This included, Tree Inventory, Flood and Drainage Mitigation, Infrastructure, Existing Plants, Stormwater Retention, Sun Arcs, Prevailing Winds, Soil Type and Soil Depth.

EBLD - IE - Page 2.png

Concept Plan

Application of the client brief and philosophy within the proposed design. The Spa as the central feature is placed between the canopy of trees remaining onsite to create a focal point for the yard space

EBLD - IE - Page 3.png

Landscape Details

Steps and Moss Tiles

Pads and Stone for steps to be installed across the property. 

A Feature Wall has been nominated to house a vertical living wall of Moss, hung and attached to Sandstone Tiles

EBLD - IE - Page 4.png

Planting Register

Nomination and provision for a planting plan (and palette) that is dominated by Locally Native Species 

Materials Palette

The feel is guided by the materials

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