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Integrated Ecosystems (IE) is the sustainable Ecology and Landscape agency that allows people to choose to live in a way that is in harmony with nature and in doing so:

  • Achieve Scope of Client and Stakeholders by using a holistic environmental method that most efficiently addresses agreed project aims, goals and objectives

  • Introduce practices that save money and tangibly increase property value both monetary and in natural capital

  • Increase connection with nature and experience an improved sense of purpose

  • Where applicable secure a properties own food, waste and resource supply

  • Overall improve quality of life

Managing outdoor spaces using proven and time-tested methods from indigenous practices to modern-day technologies. This is passed onto the clients/tenants/owners with the intention of creating independence and freedom whilst also adding to the next generation of holistic ecosystem managers.

In doing so, Integrated Ecosystems donates 10% profit to causes that are aligned with the greater purpose of improving the quality of life on earth for countless future generations to enjoy.


Furthermore the intention of creating this business is to create a thriving business based on the lore of the land at a particular place and the needs to the client, stakeholders, ecosystem (including community) which is ultimately donated to an Indigenous owned Corporation/Cooperation. 

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