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Take a look at one of our recent projects in North Narrabeen, Northern Beaches, Sydney. If you have any creative ideas you would love to bring to life in a sustainable way, feel free to contact us for a free quote & site inspection.

Project North Narrabeen

In this Coastal Contemporary Design plantings are mostly indigenous/native to improve biodiversity, with exotic species used as features or food.


Project North Narrabeen

North facing space (previously a storage shed/studio) transformed into a day bed provides functional seating, work from home, sun-baking and relaxing space to enjoy year round sun surrounded by vibrant plant life.

Project North Narrabeen

Annual ecosystem maintenance onsite included composting and worm farming which transformed food waste into rich organic matter used as soil conditioner post construction which yielded self seeded annual cherry tomato crops, waste minimization, cost savings and shared produce for the household (and neighbors) to enjoy.

Tomato Harvest.jpg

Project North Narrabeen

The pergola and deck create an extra outdoor living and entertaining area which flows from the bifold windows in the kitchen to maximise airflow and connection with indoor and outdoor.

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