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Meher House 

A place of love on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


The History

Meher House 

Meher House located in Beacon Hill, NSW on Cammarangal Country was built for and dedicated to "The Avatar", named Meher Baba.

This place and the property next door are adjoined and exist due the legacy of this Indian Spiritual Leader. It is said, "his energy is still there"

Onsite composting of Vegetation

To improve efficiency of management on the property multiple onsite composting systems were installed to solarize seed from problematic plants and transform into usable soil.


Ecosystem Management

With regular onground work to remove undesirable plants and assistance from the stakeholders, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the property and its users was developed. 

Problematic Plants


Lantana, Camphor Laurel, Japanese Honeysuckle, Asparagus Fern and Pampas Grass were widespread across the two adjoined properties. This was regenerated by reducing the energy of the problematic plants and planting indigenous species

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