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Clients and stakeholders recieve onground mentorship to successfully transition to offgrid living.

For many of our clients we have provided support and mentorship on a one off, short and long term basis to infuse our knowledge of country and landscape management to facilitate and create healthy, thriving environments. This invitation for learning is also extended to children on the property.


Our Story

Through living in an era of cultural deprivation Tomas Anderson has had to learn the truth of this Country through healing his own trauma. He learnt that traumas were and are just gifts in waiting, because the body keeps the score of truth and when truth is learnt, accessed and realised healing occurs. 

This through a life of suffering he has transcended his traumas and those of his family. It has reignited indigenous culture in Cammarangal and Bidjigal (North Head to the end of the Parramatta River which extends north to the Hawkesbury River and West to the Blue Mountains).

It is this knowledge that he and Integrated Ecosystems extends to their clients and employees.

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